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In what order will my baby’s teeth come in?

Babies vary in their development. Teething usually begins around 6 months of age, but can begin as early as 3 months of age, or as late as 12 months of age.

  • Between six and ten months:

    The two lower front teeth appear first

  • Between eight and thirteen months:

    The top four incisors begin to show.

  • Between ten and sixteen months:

    Two more incisors appear in the lower front.

  • Between thirteen and nineteen months:

    The first molars begin to appear.

  • Between sixteen and 23 months:

    The pointed side teeth (canines) appear.

  • Between 23 and 33 months:

    And lastly, the remaining back teeth appear. By age three, your baby will have all twenty of his or her primary teeth.

  • For more information on teething, consult your pediatrician.

How do I know my baby is teething? What are some teething symptoms?

Teething symptoms can begin 3 to 5 days before the tooth shows and disappear after the tooth breaks the skin. Sometimes soreness and swelling of the gums happens in this period and your baby may be fussier than normal. Your baby also may bite on their fingers or toys to relieve the pressure. Many babies refuse to eat or drink because their mouth hurts. Also, some babies drool, which can cause a rash on the chin or face.

What if my baby develops teeth early? Does it mean he or she will be healthier or smarter than if they develop later?

There is no connection between the rate of tooth development and intelligence, strength or health of permanent teeth.

Are Baby Orajel products gluten and casein-free?


Are Baby Orajel products sugar-free?


Are there any animal derivatives in the Baby Orajel products?


Do any of the Baby Orajel products contain egg or dairy products?


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